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  • Chevy Corvette and Camaro: New American Muscle in 2015

    Is 2015 the return of the muscle car? Chevrolet is releasing two new versions of its classic American vehicles: The Corvette Z06 and the Camaro Z28. Here's a look at both vehicles, each set for their debut in 2015.

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  • 5 Best Major League Soccer Craft Beer Partnerships

    Major League Soccer has Budweiser as its primary beer sponsor, but its teams and supporters groups have embraced local craft brewers and tied their beers to the game.

  • 4 Hot Stocks to Trade (or Not)

    Here's a look at how to trade some of the most active stocks on the market today.

  • Did Under Armour Drop 50%? Nope, It Just Split

    A two for one stock split makes Under Armour attractive.

  • Baseball Is Still a Big League Bargain

    Major League Baseball is not only less expensive than the NFL, NBA and NHL on average, but it's also a lot more competitive for the price.

  • Jim Cramer on Amazon (AMZN) Earnings, Johnson Controls (JCI), Eaton (ETN) and Under Armour (UA)

    Amazon (AMZN) reports earnings next week, and TheStreet's Jim Cramer notes that the company's most recent quarter was not great because it showed a downward tick in revenue. These upcoming earnings, though, depend on what kind of peak Amazon gives. Cramer notes Amazon needs to tell investors something to indicate the last quarter was an aberration or the stock will not rally. "If they don't, then it's dead money," he says. One Twitter user asked Cramer if Johnson Controls (JCI) is a better investment than Eaton (ETN) at their current prices, and Cramer thinks Eaton has not fallen as much as Johnson, therefore the latter is probably the better value. Finally, Cramer says Under Armour (UA) truly became a momentum stock and has given up a lot of its momentum, but he thinks it can go higher. Cramer encourages a longer-term view because the company is moving aggressively into China and other international markets. He recommends buying half ahead of the quarter and half after.

Real Estate
  • Mortgage Rates Are Still Attractive to Homebuyers

    NEW YORK (MainStreet) — As the spring home buying season kicks into higher gear, mortgage interest rates seem to be co-operating with eager buyers. The BankingMyWay.com…

  • PIMCO Sees Flaw in Obama Fannie Freddie Wind-down Plan

    One of the world's largest asset managers has joined a growing chorus of critics of legislation proposed by Sens. Tim Johnson (D, SD) and Mike Crapo (R., ID) which is widely seen as President Obama's favorite plan to reform the U.S. housing market by winding down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

  • Mortgage Rates Remain a Gift to Homebuyers

    We won't likely see rates this low again anytime soon, not with the economy improving, albeit slightly, even as the Fed opts to keep rates low well into 2015.

  • Top 10 Best Markets for New Home Buyers

    NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Pittsburgh, Tampa and Philadelphia led the list of best markets for first time home buyers in 2014. "These markets are among the…

  • Citigroup's Strong Earnings Make Life Harder for Corbat

    Judged against restructuring Wall Street peers like Morgan Stanley, Citigroup's strong earnings indicate the bank may be losing ground in Corbat's second year on the job.

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