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How Buffett, Soros and Other Billionaires Play Oil, Russia

Without a big oil price turnaround on the near horizon and as Russia's situation becomes increasingly unstable, it's time to consider what Buffett and the billionaires are doing.

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  • Stocks Go Bananas for Fed's 'Patient' Approach to Rate Hikes

    Stocks hold onto soaring gains through to Thursday's afternoon session.

  • YieldBoost RAIL From 0.9% To 14.8% Using Options

    Shareholders of FreightCar America Inc looking to boost their income beyond the stock's 0.9% annualized dividend yield can sell the March 2015 covered call at the $30 strike and collect the premium based on the 90 cents bid, which annualizes to an additional 13.9% rate of return against the current stock price (at Stock Options Channel we call this the YieldBoost), for a total of 14.8% annualized rate in the scenario where the stock is not called away. Any upside above $30 would be lost if the stock rises there and is called away, but RAIL shares would have to climb 16.8% from current levels for that to happen, meaning that in the scenario where the stock is called, the shareholder has earned a 20.3% return from this trading level, in addition to any dividends collected before the stock was called.

  • Why Russia's Gold Buying Binge Won't Stop the Ruble's Slide

    Moscow's near-record gold hoarding has done nothing to defend the Ruble or prop up gold prices. Expect the buying to continue in 2015.

  • Stocks Are Pumped as Federal Reserve Fuels Marketwide Rally

    Wednesday's rally continues through to Thursday as stocks soar.

  • Economy Can Handle Higher Interest Rates, but Fed Distracts

    The time for the Fed to raise interest rates has come and gone and come again.

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Rite Aid Surges on Profit Guidance: What Wall Street's Saying

Rite Aid shares spiked more than 12% after the drugstore chain boosted its guidance for the year. Here's what analysts said.

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Oil Stocks Tumble After OPEC Decision: What Wall Street's Saying

Oil stocks tumbled on Friday following the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries' decision to not cut oil production to address oversupply. Here's what analysts said.

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