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5 Winter Cars Worth Buying Now

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2012 Nissan Maxima 4-door V6

MSRP: $35,900
Average selling price: $30,442
Savings: 15%

This American-assembled sedan from Smyrna, Tenn., hasn't had an overhaul in half a decade and looks like it. Nissan tried to give it a facelift for 2012 by adding alloy wheels, a new grille and some flashier taillights, but it's basically a light luxury car that's losing ground to updated models such as the Buick Regal and Toyota Avalon. The car-buying public has had a hard time stifling the yawns as Maxima sales sank 18% last month and just eked out a 1% increase for 2012. If that doesn't exactly energize potential buyers, perhaps they'd be more comfortable knowing that 2013 Maxima buyers are getting basically the same vehicle and shelling out far more for it. It's a muted victory for a similarly beige vehicle.