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5 Winter Cars Worth Buying Now

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2013 Chrysler 200 Sedan

MSRP: $44,425
Average selling price: $37,937
Savings: 14.6%

The Chrysler Sebring was nobody's first choice for a convertible or semi-luxury sedan and was the car least likely to receive Eminem's Detroit seal of approval. The name change to the 200 not only brought back a semblance of respect to the affordable convertible, but boosted sales. The 125,476 sold last year were not only a vast improvement over the 38,000 Sebrings sold in 2010, but the most the Sebring/200 line had sold in more than half a decade. The Lose Yourself commercial with Em and the choir paid off, but anything would have been a step up from the so-so Sebring.