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Expect Another Great Report From Qualcomm Wednesday

Tickers in this article: AAPL QCOM TXN
NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- This is a busy week for technology earnings. Apple reports results Tuesday and Qualcomm shares its second-quarter results Wednesday. Investors should anticipate the release shortly after the market closes.

Apple's results have the potential to influence the expected results of Qualcomm. Texas Instruments is a Qualcomm peer that reported Monday. You will want to keep track of industry observations from Texas Instruments for clues of what to expect from Qualcomm.

Conference calls are occasionally insightful for gauging the health of a particular space. Texas Instruments' conference call was expected after the earnings release. Qualcomm investors should expect an impact on Qualcomm shares if any unforeseen related market conditions were revealed.

QCOM ChartQCOM data by YCharts

52-Week Range: $53.09 to $68.50

Price To Book: 3.1

The analysts consensus profit appraisal is presently $1.16 a share, a gain of 15 cents (12.9%) from $1.01 during the corresponding quarter last year. The lowest analyst estimate this report is $1.12 per share, and the highest is $1.22 per share. If Qualcomm beats this week, the company will have only missed one quarter out of the last 14.

The last time Qualcomm missed was for the third quarter, reported on July 18, 2012. It wasn't much of a miss (only 1 cent) and was "close enough" for Wall Street. Shares jumped higher the next day and have trended mostly higher since.

After Qualcomm's last report on Jan, 30, the shares closed before the release at $63.53 and opened the next day at $67.08, an increase of over 5%. Analysts have lower expectations for this quarter compared to last quarter.

Analyst opinion is mixed with this company. Most of the analysts surveyed don't believe a buy or a sell is currently warranted. The stock appreciated 2% in the last year; however, the average analyst target price is quite bullish at $75.39.