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What's Hot in the Hamptons This Summer

SAN DIEGO (TheStreet) -- Looking fabulous and eating well are nothing new in the Hamptons.

Being the summer vacation destination of so many of the world's jet-setting rich and famous, such things are standard.

But this summer, several of New York City's most elite fitness trainers and studios have descended on the island, opening shops for their vacationing customers, as have several juice and wellness establishments -- elevating the pursuit of beachside perfection in the Hamptons to possibly an entirely new level.

"People in the Hamptons, even though they're out here to vacation, they love to work hard. It's full on training here -- and then they hit the beach," says Shonda Bradford, creator of the exclusive Bradford Method. "Anytime before noon in the Hamptons, people are in their workout clothes. It's like a religion. Before noon is for working out, and after that is relaxation."

Bradford, who provides private training to many of the rich and famous in New York City, including Trudie Styler and fashion designer Norma Kamali, just finished converting a1,400-square-foot former cabinet-making shop in East Hampton into a studio filled with creature comforts and luxurious finishing touches such as antique chandeliers.

Bradford's Hampton outpost provides a chance to take classes with a trainer who might not be as accessible in the city. She is offering classes "a la carte" at the new studio, which means instead of signing up for months of private training, you can just drop in for a single class.

Bradford is not alone is deciding to set-up shop among wealthy, vacationing clients.

"As a trend in the Hamptons, fitness has exploded in the last two years," says Alexia Brue, co-founder of the Well + Good Guide NYC, which also publishes a Hamptons Guide. "All of these businesses realize their clients are out in the Hamptons during the summer, and this is a way of staying in front of those clients."

Publishing a Hamptons Guide every Memorial Day for the past three years now, Brue and Well + Good co-founder Melisse Gelula are dialed into all things new and hot on the island. Their annual guide is the ultimate Rolodex to the best and newest the Hamptons have to offer. It includes dozens of listings in the categories of fitness, yoga, food and juice and also beauty and wellness. ���Here's a sample of what Brue, Bradford and others say is new, hot and worth checking out this summer: