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You Said It: The Week's Best Dow Forecast

NEW YORK (The Street) -- We asked Twitter followers to predict where the Dow Jones Industrial Average would end the week, using the hashtag #dowguess.

The best guess will win TheStreet swag. This week's contest was a close one, but bodotdot took the win this week:

Here are the final standings.

chefulrich: 13,766

JamesLesinski: 13,390

davisch: 13,383

WCGunsa: 13,333

JesseLammi: 13,320

BumperPickner: 13,320

MOsamaSiddiqui: 13,279

Robah355: 13,255

Dow's closing number Friday: 13,212

bodotdot: 13,173

jkosloski11: 13,101

brandon_zeman: 13,095

Aclayman60: 12,972

TomSchmidt10: 12,910

Quicknumbers: 12,870

billymajik: 12,863

LoneBullWolf: 12,478

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