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Netflix: Reed Hastings is Selling Stock Again

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NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Of course, this is how technology executives get paid. By exercising stock options. And, as his 10-year employee options begin to vest monthly, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is back to unloading millions of dollars' worth of NFLX stock.

This does not come as a surprise. Netflix told us it was coming in its January 23, 2013 letter to shareholders:

Starting in July, Reed has some 10-year employee options expiring every month, and he plans to sell upon forced-exercise. He has no other sales planned.

Some. I love it.

Try 15,238 shares underlying options for the June 24 transaction. I guess words such as "some" are merely relative terms to guys like Reed Hastings.

While Hastings took a one-year hiatus from selling stock, other executives did not.

Dig Theodore "Hollywood" Sarandos. Netflix's content golden boy has been raking it in, exercising options at a pace vaguely reminiscent, but not even in the same ballpark as Hastings' epic multi-year run that ended, temporarily, in May 2012.

You can review a complete history of NFLX insider sales at the SEC's Website.

But this is nothing new. This whole story. We saw it happen, following an eerily similar pattern, in 2011.

You know, when investors and irresponsible Wall Street analysts ignored all that was wrong with Netflix, running the stock past $300 on the basis of nothing but Reed Hastings' charm and spin.

And now, in 2013, some of the same people make the same reckless mistakes again, ignoring critically important issues such as Netflix's refusal to report subscriber churn data, Netflix's refusal to report the number of people who actually watch its (apparently) highly-anticipated original series, $5 billion -- at a minimum -- in off-balance sheet debt, share dilution to help service that debt and the loss of wildly popular Kids TV programming in favor of window dressing.

Like the latest: A Tuesday press release announcing a deal that brings Mako Mermaids to Netflix, "exclusively," in July.

Mako Mermaids.

This is the type of content Netflix claims will catapult it into competition with Time Warner's HBO?

Did you catch the latest episode of Real Sports Tuesday night? Have you seen the viewing numbers on original series such as Game of Thrones, True Blood and Girls?

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