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The Couture You Wear in the Kitchen

SAN DIEGO (TheStreet) -- Chanell Surratt spent much of her youth watching her mother, the matriarch of the family, preparing for dinner parties and entertaining at home.

Whether it was a meal for church friends or a gathering of extended family, there was always food preparation taking place.

At the last minute, if there were a moment to spare, there'd be a rush for her mom to get dressed properly before guests started filling the house.

These are the memories that inspired Surratt, a New York City-based fashion designer, to create her first couture apron.

"Initially, it really wasn't a business idea," Surratt says. "It really just developed because I was tired of my mom not looking as good as her guests because she didn't have time to change. But I liked the aprons so much, I started buying more vibrant colors of fabric for myself and it started to pick up from there."

People saw the aprons on Surratt and her mom and liked them. Word spread. And soon her luxury lifestyle brand for the stylish woman was born.

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