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4 Buys Near 52-Week Highs

Tickers in this article: CCE CIM ORI PHM SATS SIRI TWX XRAY
NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- It might be counter-intuitive for value-seeking buyers but buying a stock making new 52-week highs is often a better choice.

There's a reason why stocks making new highs are performing well, and there's no argument why you, too, can't profit.

Even value buyers can look at strong-performing stocks because it takes time for the market to fully discount changes occurring in sectors, industries and individual companies. Think of market delays as your friend and window to profit. It's also the reason why stocks continue established trends as long as they do.

In my Jan. 9 "Five Buys Near 52-Week Highs" article, the picks made an average gain of over 10%.

Here are the results starting Jan. 9 until May 7, using closing prices for entries and exits.

Old Republic International + 26.7%

Coca-Cola Enterprises +0%

Time Warner + 30.8%

PulteGroup + 30.6%

Sirius XM Radio + 8.6%

Old Republic's cost basis is calculated differently ($11) because of my instructions to wait for under $11.

Coca-Cola Enterprises increased as expected. I advised to wait for a pullback to $32 before entry. Investors who didn't wait for a drop profited, but the gains aren't included because my entry price was not reached. Here is what I wrote for reference: "Holding out for $32 may mean you miss another leg higher without looking back, but the alternative may mean paying much more than you need to."

We can't expect five out of five winners every time, but take a look at this selection to begin your process of determining if they belong in your portfolio. CCE ChartCCE data by YCharts

Coca-Cola Enterprises produces, distributes and markets nonalcoholic beverages. It provides still and sparkling waters, juices, sports drinks, juice drinks, coffee-based beverages, and teas. The company trades an average of 2.6 million shares per day with a market cap of $10.3 billion.

52-Week High:$37.66

Beta: 0.77

Price to Book: 4.55

Once again Coca-Cola Enterprises makes my list of buys making new 52-week highs. As long as the stock continues its strong bull trend, there is little reason to get off the gravy train.

Coca-Cola Enterprises made a new 52-week high in two of the last five trading sessions. The company pays 80 cents annually in dividend payments for a yield of 2.2%. The payout ratio is small enough that fears of a dividend cut are unwarranted. In fact, the regular dividend has increased fivefold since 2005.

Look for an entry price of $37 as a reasonable entry or add on.