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Apple: Keep Tim Cook's Feet to the Fire

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NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Tuesday's Tim Cook Should Tell Congress to Kiss His Ass goes down as my most well-received Apple article to date.

This Tweet best captures the essence of the reaction and might be one of the best compliments I've ever received:

That's what it's all about. Sometimes I'll write something you disagree with. It might even anger you. However, times come along when we see 100% eye-to-eye.

However, few people in the financial media step out of the journalist suit and reflect what they think their audience is thinking. An even smaller number have the guts to state it the way many members of their audience might say it among friends. I'm convinced the ones who do end up most successful in this business.

Anyhow, when Tim Cook schooled Congress over taxes, I just so happened to have a consensus reaction. The article came together. Fists were pumped. Chests were bumped. No joke. It feels nice to be really popular sometimes.

That said, I have heard a few people associate Cook's performance in front of the morons we elect to "represent us" with some turning point as it relates to Apple's long-term future. I can't get on board with that. While what Cook did impressed me, it did not come as a surprise.

Nobody -- at least not me -- ever accused the guy of being an idiot. Just the opposite. He's smart and one hell of a businessman. He's just not the visionary Apple requires at the helm. Capitol Hill spectacle notwithstanding, the story remains the same: Yes. Apple Still Dominates. However ...

--Written by Rocco Pendola in Santa Monica, Calif.