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Helpless Republicans Cry 'Pray For Our Country If Obama Wins': Opinion

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- After a week on the job as TheStreet's Director of Social Media, it's been particularly cool to see the reaction we get from readers on our social feeds, namely Twitter.

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Over the weekend and into Monday, the media, unsurprisingly, misunderstood the meaning of TheStreet and CNBC personality Jim Cramer's prediction of a landslide electoral victory for Barack Obama .

Shortly thereafter, we received reaction from all over the spectrum to consensus from TheStreet that Obama will secure a final four years in office .

Interestingly, there wasn't a whole ton of disagreement, even from Republicans and Mitt Romney supporters. As it stands, little doubt exists in most objective minds that Obama will win, considering the lift he received from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Hurricane Sandy .

Of the folks who hit the social scene with rebukes of the bullish Obama calls, the response ranged from crazy to saddened and scared. There wasn't much denial from folks rooting for a Romney win, just considerable and borderline frantic concern.

I don't get this, particularly when you consider the core of the Republican sociopolitical platform: Individual responsibility in lieu of government "handouts." It's a Reaganesque message that says "pick yourself up by the bootstraps, don't depend on government and stop being so damn helpless."

Setting aside the fact I think that line is a load of poorly-prepared tripe, maybe we can agree that it's ironic?

While we saw our share of "crazy" Tweets ...

... most fell on that saddened and scared side.

A majority of folks who did not applaud or agree with an Obama victory prediction responded with some variation of ...

Or God help our country if Obama wins type theatrics.

People seem genuinely freaked out over the prospects of an Obama victory.

The we'll turn into a socialist country crowd really needs to go back to Political Science 101. But, outside of that Fox News -fueled cult, I take seriously the people who call for prayers if Obama wins.

But just because I take them seriously, it doesn't mean I don't laugh at them.

I liken election alarmists to the people who populate bars and night clubs on a bartender's least favorite night of the year. New Year's Eve. Amateur Night.

These cats just can't pace themselves. They walk in the door and immediately go to extremes. Downing shots. Chasing them with beers. Dancing on tables, starting fights and puking in the corner before the clock even thinks about striking midnight.

That -- the I Go To Extremes part -- made me think of Billy Joel.

Billy's epic We Didn't Start The Fire always fits so well in these situations. There's always a crisis. The sky is always falling. It's always the end of the line. It's been that way since the world's been turning though, man.