NEW YORK ( MainStreet) — Being a Yuppie is not cheap.

There are services no self-respecting Yuppie - that is a Young Urban Professional - can do without, and these include blowouts, manicures and pedicures, gym membership, yoga of course, facials, laundry and dry cleaning, haircuts and pet services.

Massages, too, because it can be stressful being a Yuppie.

Other demographics have different needs. Hipsters can scorn yoga and massages, but for them, tattoo prices have to be indexed, maybe piercing too, certainly cigarettes and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Every demographic has its own defining list of must-have services and therein lies the inspiration behind price comparison site's newly released Yuppie Price Index, which crunched the Yuppie must-haves and came up with a list of the priciest - and cheapest - cities in which to be a Young Urban Professional. took pains to explain exactly what it counts as a Yuppie: "When we say yuppie, we're referring to an urban professional in their 20s and 30s who is in a high paying field like finance, consulting, or law. These yuppies have higher than average disposable income and spend it in ways that could be viewed as frivolous by others. This includes paying up for conveniences, indulging in self-pampering, and a greater focus on self-maintenance and looking good."

With that clarified, understand what cities are nowhere near the priciest: New York (which ranked 13), Chicago (12) and Los Angeles (11).

How can that be? "In those cities, there are so many Yuppies, there also are so many providers and that drives the prices down," said CEO Jay Shek in an interview. He pointed out that in parts of Manhattan there may be many nail salons on a single block, and that keeps prices low.

So, where is it cheapest to be a Yuppie? Per Indianapolis is the winner, followed by Houston, Cleveland, Tampa and Atlanta. According to, an Indianapolis Yuppie spends just $5,181 in a year on the essentials. That compares to $6,718 for that same basket of services in the most expensive Yuppie city. Which is?

No surprise here: San Francisco wins big-time.

But then there are surprises. Second priciest is Denver ($6,640 per year for the essentials), followed by Washington, D.C. ($6,414), Phoenix ($6,382) and Raleigh ($6,282).

What do they have in common? They are smaller than the biggest metros, Yuppies may be scarce, and there often is slim competition when it comes to providing the Yuppie essentials, suggested Shek.

A manicure might cost $10 in central Phoenix 85004. In New York's Chelsea neighborhood, 10011, that same manicure costs $6.

Also in Chelsea, a man's shirt can be laundered for $1. The cheapest anywhere in San Francisco is $1.50 (try the New Union Quality Cleaner on Mission Street).