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5 NFL Grinches For The 2012 Holiday Season

Oakland Raiders
Blackouts this season: One

Oh, Oakland, don't do it this way.

We know you were thinking about joining the 49ers at their new stadium in Santa Clara or maybe even getting a new stadium of your own in Dublin, Calif. We know Raiders fans are used to multiple home game blackouts a year after sitting through dozens of them since the team moved back from Los Angeles in the 1990s. We know the lease on the poorly named Coliseum is up in 2013.

But you're different now, right? New owner Mark Davis isn't his father, Al, and really wants to make it work in Oakland. He even accepted the 85% attendance threshold for lockouts.

But ghosts of the bad old Raiders are resurfacing. The team blacked out its Sunday home game against the Cleveland Browns for its first blackout in 13 home games. The Raiders have lost five straight and are 3-9 going into their matchup with the AFC West champion Denver Broncos. These are dark days for a franchise that's seen a lot of them, and those silver and black uniforms are starting to look more like mourner's clothes with each setback.