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5 Most-Expensive Neighborhoods for MLB fans

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BOSTON (TheStreet) -- You'll need a lot more than beer money to live near one of the five stadiums that recently found are in the most expensive neighborhoods among Major League Baseball parks.

"Many stadiums -- even those that have been rebuilt in recent years -- are in locations chosen long ago, and popular retail and restaurants have built up around them over the years," says economist Jed Kolko of Trulia , which recently analyzed home prices near MLB ballparks. "They're also in downtown neighborhoods that tend to be expensive ... in particularly expensive parts of already-expensive cities"

Trulia found that houses and condos near Big League parks list for nearly 50% more per square foot on average than homes do overall in each metro area studied.

But the site also discovered that asking prices near stadiums range widely -- from as little as $28 per square foot in the cheapest MLB neighborhood to more than $650 a square foot in the priciest one -- found, of course, among East and West Coast cities that have fancy downtown neighborhoods popular with well-heeled urban professionals.

In honor of next week's All-Star Game, here's a rundown of the five U.S. metro areas that Trulia found have the most-expensive housing near their respective ballparks. (The study omitted Rogers Centre, home of the Toronto Blue Jays.)

Trulia looked at all residences listed for sale on its site during the 12 months ended Feb. 28 and located within roughly two miles of a Big League stadium. Prices per square foot refer to median asking prices for all houses, condos and townhouses other than foreclosures.