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3 Steps to Ensure Social Media Won't Cost You a Job

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- With employment figures still dragging, you'd think job hunters would cover all the bases to impress a potential employer.

Creating a shiny resume, dressing sharp for that big interview, setting up references for employers to call -- even writing "thank you" notes to managers after meetings -- are all steps most serious job wranglers take in looking for work.

You risk all that if you don't behave properly online, especially when it comes to using social media.

Posting party pictures on Twitter , engaging in drunken photo bombing on Facebook or dropping obscenities or slurs on any social media site can be a deal breaker for employers these days., an energy industry job placement site, surveyed more than 7,000 recruitment firms and hiring managers and found that 82% of companies big and small review an employment candidate's social media activity before extending a job offer and that 64% have "rejected" a job applicant after checking the applicant's social media profile.

Companies are looking on social media because they're already there; 71% have used social media to recruit and hire an employee (of which, 88% use LinkedIn , 25% use Facebook and only 8% use Twitter).