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Invest in these Small Energy Companies: Stockpick Whiz Kid

Max Levin, MainStreet's Stockpick Whiz Kid, runs, an online forum where the average person can post and comment about different investments and stocks.

NEW YORK (MainStreet)--There is an ample number of small energy stocks that those in the younger generation could buy to diversify their portfolio. According to many analysts, the green energy market is destined to become even larger as people get hip to increased sustainability. To capture possible bullish decisions in the future, action should be taken to gather the full potential of a stock. Here are some companies to consider to use the green to get...the green:

Car Charging Group, Inc. (CCGI) is a start up company that is primarily located in North America with a small market cap of 74 million. CCGI provides energy to transportation through electrical charging. This growing company installs these services to any area of high traffic or an abundance of electrical vehicles. These services are expanding throughout the country. As electrically based cars are sold and produced by automotive companies, CCGI is in higher demand. CCGI recently acquired 350Green LLC in May of 2013 and has not looked back since then. Because of the high demand of this product and the successful business model, CCGI looks to have a bright future in the renewable resource sector.

At minimal market cap of 3.6 million, BioPower Operations Corporation (BOPO) is a company that recently went public and was founded in 2010. BOPO focuses on growing Biomass crops and processes them to form various products such as biofuels, oils and electricity. By taking products such as grass and trees, which are nonedible human resources, BOPO is not interfering with human aliment. BioPower is focused on three main subsidiaries including BioPower Corporation, Global Energy Crops Corporation, and Green Oil Plantations Americas Inc. After acquiring FTZ exchange, BOPO is forming pipelines of connections throughout the world and are growing rapidly.

Green Envirotech Holdings Corp. (GETH) is a small start-up company but is growing fast. Even though it has a small market cap of only 3.4 Million, its team has made groundbreaking discoveries and new products within its field. GETH separates, cleans, and recovers recyclable products and goods such as tires and plastics. Once these materials have gone through the plant, GETH uses a patent-pending process, developed in part by Thar Process Inc and Ergonomy LLC, and recirculates the product into commerce. Not only can a material be transformed into its original state, but some material can be turned into sweet crude oil. With a company like GETH, hidden treasure could be found within products that would otherwise be sent to a landfill.