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Here Are the Budget Cuts President Obama Has Offered

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Though House Speaker John Boehner has demanded more substantial cuts from the White House, President Barack Obama has a long list of programs he wishes to eliminate or shrink in his fiscal year 2013 budget.

A look through the White House's budget cuts suggests that every department is due for some slashes if the president gets his way. Though this budget proposal is unlikely to be what Congress passes into law, here's a peek at some of the more surprising cuts Obama has proposed.

Beach Grants, Environmental Protection Agency

2012 Enacted: $10 million; 2013 Request: eliminated; Saved: $10 million

States, tribes and territories have used the grants for more than 10 years to monitor water quality of coastal and Great Lakes beaches.

Why cut? : Obama believes the agencies set up to monitor the beaches now have the ability and knowledge to operate without federal support.

Children's Hospital Graduate Medical Education Payment Program, Health and Human Services

2012 Enacted: $265 million; 2013 Request: $88 million; Saved: $177 million

The program trains pediatricians who specifically work in the nation's freestanding children's hospitals.

Why cut? : The administration said it will no longer fund "indirect costs" associated with the program. "Indirect graduate medical education (IME) costs are not well-documented and studies indicate that they may be overstated," it explained. The budget describes indirect costs as, for example, expenditures associated with reduced productivity of hospital staff because the staff is helping train residents.

Clean Automotive Technologies, EPA

2012 Enacted: $16 million; 2013 Request: eliminated; Saved: $16 million

The program has researched, developed and evaluated advanced vehicle engines that help increase fuel efficiency, reduce pollutant emissions and cut greenhouse gases.

Why cut? : "Because other Federal programs are better positioned to research, develop, demonstrate, and deploy a broad suite of advanced vehicle technologies," the proposal says. The budget suggests the Energy Department's vehicles technology program as one alternative.

Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds, EPA

2012 Enacted: $2.38 billion; 2013 Request: $2.03 billion; Saved: $359 million

Provides capitalization grants to states, which then provide a 20% match and make loans to municipalities for water infrastructure projects.

Why cut? : Obama's budget doesn't specify why it wants to cut $359 million from the program. Instead, it appears to maneuver around the question by providing an alternative answer: "At the level requested in the 2013 budget, states will still be able to provide over $6 billion annually in water infrastructure loans to municipalities over the long term. ... A number of systems could also have access to capital through the administration's proposed National Infrastructure Bank."

Diesel Emissions Reduction Grant Program, EPA

2012 Enacted: $30 million; 2013 Request: $15 million; Saved: $15 million

Helps states reduce emissions from diesel engines by replacing or retrofitting older diesel engines that pollute more than newer ones.