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Can You Succeed on Wall Street in 140 Characters or Less?

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Can you succeed on Wall Street in 140 characters or less?

TheStreet, Inc . is in search for a Social Media Coordinator. The Social Media Coordinator will actively co-curate our various social media feeds with primary focus on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Linkedin. By curate, we don't mean mindless regurgitation of content. We mean active and thoughtful curation. If you're not sure what this means, you might not be right for the job.

That said, we're fun people to work with. We prefer somebody with a college degree, regardless of what it's in. Philosophy is as good as finance. Psychology as good as economics. We do require a sense of humor. That doesn't mean you think you're the funniest person in the world; it just means you don't take yourself too seriously. We sure as heck don't. Research shows that your ability to laugh at yourself directly correlates with your Tweeting prowess.

The nuts and bolts -- you will post, schedule, compose, edit and spread TheStreet's editorial and premium content on social media. We will give you the latitude to not only be creative, but think of new and innovative ways (the "next" way) to use channels such as Twitter and Facebook. Somebody is going to think of a different and better way to leverage these platforms sooner or later. It would be great if that's you. We're open to ideas and constant experimentation.

This is a full-time position. We're a media company. News and opinion never stops. This is an in-office position in our Manhattan headquarters, located on Wall Street right across the New York Stock Exchange.

Quantitative Requirements:

  • Recognizing social trends in digital media, specifically, news and financial media
  • Post, schedule, compose, edit and spread content from TheStreet across its various platforms as well as working with individual writer to deliver their content across said platforms
  • Monitor social analytics from all TheStreet social outlets using various analytics software

Live-tweet various events, shows, live blogs and other events


  • Bachelors Degree REQUIRED
  • Have an active Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus AND OR Linked In Account
  • Knowledge of Social Flow, Hoot Suite, Tweet Deck, and other social media platforms of delivery IS A PLUS but not an absolute requirement. Though to make up for it, you must be a fast learner
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics and Chartbeat is a PLUS
  • Knowledge of social media vocabulary, including and not limited to symbols, acronyms et. all
  • Open and willing to work from a mobile device (phone, tablet) on evening/weekends and off-market hours when necessary. This would be working from home, on-the-go or from various events at odd hours to accommodate the rapidly changing news day.


  • Being Awesome
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Know how to use a Mac computer

To apply: