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From Beverly Hills Comes the Champagne of Water

SAN DIEGO ( TheStreet) -- First there was Beverly Hills 90210 .

Now there is Beverly Hills 9OH2O.

Just like the Aaron Spelling television show broke new ground in defining a lifestyle of the young and wealthy, the water's creators seek to break ground as well.

Beverly Hills 9OH2O was developed by sommeliers to be the champagne of water. It was developed to be "paired" with foods as fine wines are paired with meals and address the lack of an "ultimate water" that could hold its own as part of a fine dining experience.

"The United States is just waking up to the fine water movement. We're late to the game," says Jon Gluck, founder and president of Beverly Hills Drink . "I was as skeptical as everyone else was. But I saw from the experts out there that there are real differences in water, in taste and in how it pairs with certain foods and wines."

Beverly Hills 9OH2O comes from mountain springs in Northern California, Gluck says, but unlike bottled water companies that develop romantic stories about how wonderful and special a water's source is, here that's not the key to its fabulousness.

Instead it's how the water is crafted -- with natural minerals, using a proprietary, patent-pending formula that results in a certain pH alkalinity.

"That's the company's secret formula. It's our Coca-Cola formula," Gluck says.

To develop the secret formula, Beverly Hills Drink gathered a team of leading sommeliers and fine-dining experts who spent months experimenting with mineral content, working to find just the right balance and combination. It was a long process that included tasting after tasting, pairing versions of the water with various foods and wines in an effort to achieve just the right flavor.

The end result is a water that has a crisp, fresh taste profile.

"This water with blue cheese is incredible, " Gluck says. "Every time we have someone taste the water with blue cheese their mouth drops."

"The words people most commonly use to describe it are silky, smooth, light, fresh and clean," Gluck says. "It's like a water they might remember from their childhood at that totally pure source."

Once such a special water was developed, it couldn't exactly be sold in ordinary plastic bottles. Beverly Hills 90H20 released 10,000 bottles of its premiere edition, and it comes in fine glass. Each future edition will be released in a slightly different bottle.

"We're going to change something artistically and stylistically each time. We're going to team up with artists and photographers to do something fun," Gluck says. "People are collecting them at this point. Almost everyone takes them home and displays them as a centerpiece."