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8 Luxury Gifts for the Holidays When Money Is No Object

SAN DIEGO (TheStreet) -- It's not exactly easy finding the perfect holiday gift for the people in your life.

The decision-making becomes even more challenging, in some ways, when money is not a concern -- when you can choose from such things as treating someone to a flight on a vintage 1943 Curtiss P40 "Kittyhawk" or perhaps the opportunity to share a drink with NFL greats while watching the Super Bowl.

If the local mall doesn't have the right gift for the people on your Christmas list, read on. We just might.

1. Royce Freedom Wallet from Royce Leather

Do you know someone who's regularly losing their wallet? Don't almost all of us have that person in our lives? Twenty-year-old whiz kid Andrew Bauer has come up with a solution. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill student has designed a wallet that's getting rave reviews from Glamour, the New York Daily News and the Los Angeles Times.

The wallet, which retails for $99 and comes in men's and women's styles, comes with GPS-tracking technology that links to a free downloadable Smartphone app.

"I'm from an inner-city area of New Jersey, and there is a high rate of crime," Bauer says. "I've lost my wallet multiple times -- whether it was stolen or money taken from it. I was a victim of identity fraud and lost more than $3,000. All of those things instigated the idea for this wallet."

If the wallet's owner walks too far away from the wallet, an alarm sounds on the owner's Smartphone.

"If you leave the wallet in the bathroom, or under a sofa or in a bar, and you walk 100 feet away, the alarm goes off and you can go and track the wallet using the map on your Smartphone app," Bauer says.

The wallet is even made with Radio Frequency Identification blocking material. That means the wallet is also safe from RFID thieves who work remotely -- using scanners to steal your credit card or social security information.

"This is a great Christmas gift for someone because the cost of losing a wallet -- in terms of stress, in terms of time loss and financial loss -- is greater then the cost of the gift, and you will be a hero for presenting this to your loved one," Bauer says.

The wallet can be bought online at Brookstone, Sears, Wal-Mart and Kohl's, Bauer says.