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Eurozone May Fall Deeper Into Recession: Ahead of the Ticker

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NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- The eurozone will slip deeper into recession in 2013, according to a report by the European Commission.

The European Union economy will shrink by 0.1%, according to the commission, compared to its prior projection of a 0.1% growth rate.

The commission, which just set its forecasts for the next two years, named France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands as countries that will be in recession through the end of this year. The commission said it predicts the eurozone economy to shrink a more-than-expected 0.4% in 2013, compared to its prior forecast of a 0.3% recession. It also said it predicts the eurozone economy will grow at a slower rate in 2014 than it previously estimated. It expects a growth rate of 1.2% next year, compared to a prior estimate of 1.4%.

Instagram has taken a cue from its parent, Facebook , and added a tagging feature to its photos.

The feature, dubbed "Photos of You" now allows users to tag their friends, places or things. When a user has been tagged in a photo, he or she will be notified via a notification and the photo will appear in a section called, "Photos of You." Users who would prefer to approve tagged photos of themselves before they appear on their profile can adjust the settings on their Instagram app.

Instagram users can download an update from the Apple App Store or Google Play to get the "Photos of You" feature.

Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion in 2012. Instagram now has over 100 million users.