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Here's to Fantasy Football Ruining Thanksgiving

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) - Thanksgiving will be special this year. My brother is making a brief return to New York City after he decided to move to Red Sox country in August. Family from abroad will even be around this Turkey Day. Yet, I'm very worried I might ruin the holiday.

The problem is fantasy football.

My team, Pride of the Reggie , will be playing a must-win Week 13 matchup to make the first round of the playoffs, and it looks like a tight one. In fact, Yahoo! gives me just a 45% chance of winning.

Currently, I have Jordy Nelson gearing up as a third wide receiver for my team this Thanksgiving. Barring any last-minute roster tinkering from my opponent, I'll be facing off against Dez Bryant, Jason Witten and Mason Crosby in an all-important match-up.

If Jordy Nelson proves a fantasy bust under whatever non-Aaron Rodgers quarterback the Green Bay Packers decide trot out onto Ford Field at noontime tomorrow, or if Dez Bryant and Jason Witten shred the Oakland Raiders defense in the afternoon game, it could cast a pall over the holiday festivities.

Roddy White and Anquan Boldin are sitting on my bench, so I'll really be kicking myself if Jordy Nelson doesn't get the 250-yard, 3-touchdown performance I REALLY NEED this week. There's a lot of thought that goes into these decisions.

Jim Cramer, founder of TheStreet, has proven himself to be a savvy fantasy football guru. How about that Tavon Austin call!  I guess waiver wire pickups and buy-high or sell-low football picks are tame, in contrast to the relentless search for stock market value.

For me, it's been a divisive fantasy football season. There's currently a money dispute being aired out in my league. Text messages and emails concerning weekly matchups have become increasingly hostile. I've said things I didn't mean.

Maybe that's what happens when two games separate everyone in my eight-team league. Maybe we're just not friends anymore...

My favorite was Week 9. I needed seven points from Jordy Nelson to win, but Aaron Rogers went down on the first drive of the game, and wound up losing by about a point. I was playing a Packers fan that week. Needless to say his fantasy team has locked up a postseason birth, but Green Bay's playoff hopes hang in the balance. 

These kinds of things happen occasionally.

Last year, NFL football proved to be a gut-busting Thanksgiving Day event. You see, I come from a family of Jets fans.

I think we were just digesting our pumpkin pie when Mark Sanchez gave meaning to the term "butt fumble."

It was a positive sign when ESPN finally retired the butt fumble from SportsCenter's Not Top Ten after a 40-week reign atop their infamous weekly ranking. Watching the SportsScience segment on Mark Sanchez's fateful flop remains a traumatic experience.