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Apple: Here's Why the Stock Will Go On an Epic Run

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Second, in more bad news for Microsoft, USA Today reported survey results of 135,000 Windows users, gathered by anti-virus company Avast. Just 16% of respondents plan to purchase a new computer, a sparse 9% of that total says it will speed up that purchase because of Windows 8, but a whopping 30% of total respondents plan on switching to an iPad, while 12% intend to buy a Mac.

And regarding Apple's fortunes generally, the catalyst we have all been waiting for might finally be close. Although All Things D tossed some cold water on the rumor, an analyst from Jefferies describes the launch of iTV/Apple TV as "imminent." Any movement on the next new and big thing helps because the long-term concern associated with a Tim Cook-led Apple looms large . . . and rightfully so.

Bottom line: This is not a stock you want to be short, even if you're Jeff Gundlach. For goodness sake, even The Street's Doug Kass has turned bullish. Read all about it here!